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Arulmigu Sri Valli Thaevasena Samaetha Arulmigu Sri Subramaniya Swamy Temple
In Chozha Nadu, Nagai District, Nanillam vattam, nearer to Peralam , Kandhankudy is located. It is on the way to Kumbakonam- karaikal or Myladuthurai- Karaikal.
Temple History:
The temple is situated in the east direction. In inner pragaram, vinayagar is in north direction. Paneer is the thala virutcham of the temple. Nearer to thala virutcham, there is a sannathi called Iravatheeswarar. Visalatchi,viswanathar and Sandigaeswarar are facing in the south direction. Valli Samaetha Devasena with Subramaniyar as ursavar in north direction. In Karbagiraha, Subramaniyar with Valli and devasena are in standing position which gives devotees happiness and prosperous life.
Varasithi Vinayagar:
We have to first worship this Vinayagar with prayer. Vinayagar is having five hands,elephant face,moon like crown, son of Lord Sivan with an intelligent shape.
Arulmigu Subramaniyar:
The name of the god is Arulmigu Subramaniyar Swamy. Subramaniam = su + bramam + niam. Lord Sivan(with three eyes) amsam is the meaning of Subramaniyar Swamy. In ancient days, the sages told that there is no difference between Lord Sivan and Lord Subramaniyar. Kandhan means "all in one". Lord Subramaniyar has all six faces in one face, so he is called as Kandhan.
Valliyammai will be in the left side of subramaniyar. Subramaniyar has three sakhtis: Ichai, Kiriyai and Gnanam. Ancient sages sayings are " Valli will be called as Icha and Gnana".
Deivayanai will be in the right side of Subramaniyar. She is the daughter of Devaenthra. She is the kiriya Shakthi of Subramaniyar. Seperate sannathi for Deivasena which is facing north direction.
; Iravathaeswarar:
Meaning of Iravathaeswarar is the white elephant(iravatham) which worship the lord Sivan for long time. So the lord Sivan has the name iravathaeswarar.
Here there is a sannathi called vishwanathar. Devotees who are not able to go to south and north kasi they can come and worship this vishwanathar.
Like Kamatchi in Kanchipuram,Meenatchi in Madurai,Sivakami in Thilai, Abirami in Thirukadavur,Mari in Thenkudi,Karumari in Thiruverkadu and here the name as Visalakshi.
Bairavar is one among the Sivamurthis. He is also called as Chaetrabalar.
He is like the son of Lord Sivan. In the last part of worship, we have to go to Sandeegaeswar sannathi and pray for the tharisanam of lord Sivan to get healthier life.
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