Sri La Sri Agasthiar Thuthitha Sri Mangala Maha Mariamman Temple     Tamil
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Sri La Sri Lopamatha Agasthiar
Agasthiyar, a well-known Sage and eminent Saint, who is an inspiration for the many that seek enlightenment and deliverance from duality.
Agasthiyar’s work contains details about the origin of the universe, the mysteries of the soul, of the journey of the soul, of being a dutiful human and of attaining divinity. He has played a primary role in developing the Siddha Way of Life for social and spiritual development.
In particular, His Holy Writes prescribe the manner in which people can experience divinity while going about their daily lives.
His work opens a path that leads to answers for many questions and prescribes ways and means to reach the pinnacle…..the highest state of awareness or super consciousness.
And Agasthiyar’s prescribed way of life embraces specific principles. Among others, its universal ideas reject any prejudices based on ethnicity, gender and religion. All are equal, and that includes the ecosystem that sustains our lives.
It also encourages people to balance their social, economic as well as spiritual needs. And he believes in compassion, altruism, tolerance, charity and benevolence.
Above all, Agasthiyar’s way of life rejects the order of duality and specifies appropriate measures for experiencing non-duality perpetually.
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